TIE's Webinar on careers post Covid19

In the wake of the COVID19 crisis, and as a part of their initiative, Igniting Minds and Ideas: Series 1,¬†¬†Safir Anand¬†was invited to share his insights via TIE’s webinar on careers post COVID19 and a variety of subject matters. The webinar was held on April 13th.

Safir spoke on issues from handling client expectations and budgets in corona times, whether there will be a surge in bankruptcy filings, Will creations and the impact on commercial agreements. Safir also explored what he thought are avenues for emerging skills, for example, in the areas of AI and machine learning in the domain of law. He guided several student queries on careers and jobs and tried to comfort them. He talked about the impact on IP of the companies that could eventually create the corona vaccine and whether, following the invention, there shall be a shift in the balance of power of the countries, resulting in trade wars and after-effects. Safir ended the session sharing how capital investments could flow to the start-ups and entrepreneurs from outside India post COVID-19.

TiE Delhi NCR - Safir Anand