World Trademark Review Yearbook 2017

The World Trademark Review Yearbook 2017/2018 brings an up-to-date look at trademark regimes around the world, the scope of protection offered and enforcement options available for rights holders.

A comprehensive guide towards the legal foundation of trademarks, the chapter on India explains the functioning of the Trademarks Act 1999, and in conjunction with related laws like the Customs Act and the Companies Act. The discussion takes into account the influence of common law, of special note since India is a first-to-use domain, not first-to-file.

The authors consider registration and acceptability of unconventional marks, litigation, investigation and enforcement proceedings at length, providing vivid examples from all aspects trademark.

Authored by Safir Anand, Madhu Rewari and Revanta Mathur.

This chapter was published in World Trademark Review Yearbook 2017/2018.