How to Avoid a Corona Moment for Your Brand Name

BW Businessworld – Legal World in its recent feature has published an article written by our Senior Partner, Safir Anand, on the impact a global crisis can have on a brand. The article, How to Avoid a Corona Moment for Your Brand Name, highlights the instance of the impact of pandemic COVID-19 on the Mexican beer brand, Corona, the catastrophe arising from identical nomenclature.

Safir stated, “One of the most important principles in Trademark Law is the “likelihood of confusion/association” which in simple terms means to say that the trademark is so deeply embedded in the minds of consumers or public at large that any mention of it brings to mind the Proprietor to the exclusion of all others. Such recognition could be due to factors such as extensive use, promotional and advertisement activities, quality of the product, etc.”

The article discusses the measures a business can adopt to prevent its brand from losing its identity in such situations; whether they should consider disassociating with their brand names in case their brands have become subject to the negative association; and when to consider rebranding and what to keep in mind while doing so.

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