India Art Fair 2018

Living up to its tradition of innovating and doing something out of the box our ‘performance’ was recognized at the India Art Fair.

Our team of Safir Anand, Swati Sharma, Sandhya Singh and Twinky Rampal contributed to the Collection Initiative by Jiten Thukral, Sumir Tagra and Prayas Abhinav at the India Art Fair held in New Delhi from 9th to 12th February 2018.

Our team conceptualized and curated a performance involving a document as a work of art, a live performance of thoughts as an expression and an artistic depiction of the legal thought process.

The concept and artwork highlighted the agony of Real vs Unreal and was selected as a ‘performance’ amongst more than 1000 entries, making its way to The Collection Bureau. The selection process entailed evaluation based on 35 critical questions positioned by the Jury followed by a ‘performance’ of the concept by Safir Anand. The artwork is now preserved on a sheet meant to last for over 150 years.

India Art Fair is the leading platform to discover modern and contemporary art from South Asia and a portal to the region’s cultural landscape.

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